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  Changes are taking place in the U.S. in the way we pay for things. Even as more people choose to pay electronically, there are others who continue to write checks at stores or to pay bills.

Processing these checks is becoming increasingly expensive, which is why many retailers, merchants and billing companies are turning to electronic checks. With electronic checks - often called e-checks - people can still use their checks, while everyone gets the benefits of electronic payments.

When will you see electronic checks?
  • When you write a check to pay for something at a store or office
  • When you mail a check to pay for something
  • If your check bounces
Also, you can now permit a company to charge your account when you give your account information by telephone or on the Internet.

Here's How YOU Benefit from Electronic Checks: They're safe, convenient and confidential.
  • Your account information is not seen by anyone once the check is turned into an electronic payment.
  • Federal regulations give you extra protection for electronic payments.
  • You get more information on your checking account statement with an electronic check - in addition to the check number, the name of the company to whom you wrote the check appears.
  • You now have more options for payment by phone or web sites (Internet).
  • You can continue to write checks on the date and for the amount you choose.
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